6 February 2015, Comments Comments Off on Service provision for Big Data Value

The main activity of Big Data CoE Barcelona will focus on defining and implementing innovation projects and proof of concept for its customers in order to accelerate the implementation of innovative technological solutions in the market.

Big Data Consultancy: strategic and technological assessment for the identification of opportunities, the conceptualization and validation of solutions for data valorization and its application in business processes.

 Proofs of Concept: projects between 3 and 4 months long aimed at demonstrating the value of Big Data and the benefits of these technologies. This service is targeted towards companies and organizations with limited knowledge and background in Big Data.

 Projects: projects beyond 6 months equally covering the phase of concept testing and validation of the model, but with an effort devoted to technology transfer and validation activities. These kind of projects are targeted towards companies that do not find a solution meeting their needs in the commercial Big Data market.

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