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30 abril 2018
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La indústria, la mobilitat i el retail, els sectors que més utilitzen el Big Data a Catalunya

30 abril 2018, Comments 0

La indústria, la mobilitat i el retail són els sectors que més utilitzen el Big Data i l’analítica avançada a Catalunya, on “tots els […]

19 abril 2018
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How to Foster a Data Culture in Organizations

19 abril 2018, Comments 0

We devoted the last couple of meetings of the Data & Analytics Club to debate about how to embrace and promote the data culture […]

24 gener 2018
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Geospatial Data analysis promises a potential transformation of coastal management and planning

24 gener 2018, Comments 0

By: Francisco Sacramento Gutierres, Ph.D (web:, twitter:@FRSGutierres) Why defend the coastal sand dunes environments using innovative tools? There are a number of reasons […]

4 desembre 2017
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How to Create and Maintain a Data Team?

4 desembre 2017, Comments 0

The first meeting of the Data & Analytics Club (D&A Club) took place today! What is the D&A Club about? a series of debates where, as we state […]

22 novembre 2017
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Studying human mobility through cellular data: where we are and future opportunities.

22 novembre 2017, Comments 0

By : Pierdomenico Fiadino, PhD (web: – twitter: @p_fiadino)   The study of human mobility is probably one the most fascinating research topic of the […]

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